At Slusol, We Care

As a responsible, independent lubricants company, built over a number of years, we believe that the long-term future of our business is best served by respecting the interests of all our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the wider community.

This ethos of fairness is spread across our entire company, such as Lubricant distribution, Car retailing, manufacturing, property, warehousing.

We continue to develop our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy to make a positive impact for our working environment where possible..

Whilst we’re proud of our rich past, we are firmly focused on our future, and our CSR policies form a large part of Slusol’s future.


Care About Our Staff

At Slusol, we operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner whenever we possibly can and our dedicated SHE department makes sure that safety is at the forefront of our corporate culture and practices.


Care About Our Customers

Our lubricants are made from approved formulations and are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified plants which ensures they confirm to international standards.  Our trained staff ensure that recommendations made conform to equipment.  This ensures your equipment lasts longer and reduces maintenance and lubrication costs.  We continuously bring new technologies that extend drain intervals and save fuel.


Care About Our Environment

By encouraging our customers to use long drain lubricants, they reduce the amount of used oil dumped in our environment.  We encourage oil in good containers and dispose them in environmentally approved process.  This helps to minimize the negative oil to our environment and water reservoirs.


Care About Our Community

We are proud to train various communities in the country on how to select the best lubricants so that economic activities are not disrupted by equipment failure.  We educate lubricant users on the dangers of prolonged exposure to used oils.

We are always listening to the needs of our people so that we can help them improve productivity.