Engine Oils


A good engine oil must be light enough to allow easy start up of the engine. The oil should circulate fast to reach the top end of the engine. Most of the engine wear happens during start up. The heavier the oil, the harder the start up and the slower rate of flow. It is for this reason a multigrade; a SAE 10W40, SAE 15W40, SAE 5W30 or SAE 5W40 is preferred and is recommended by most engine manufacturers. The oil must contain cleaning and dispersing additives to keep the engine clean. It should last long in service and protect engine parts from wearing out, it should also neutralize acids formed during combustion of fuel. It should therefore be of high API classification. Our recommendation is Delstar XP SAE 15W40 API CI-4/SL. Made with Chevron technology and Shell base oils. It has proven performance in many diesel engines in Kenya. For even better performance and longer drain we recommend Delstar Syn 10W40 API CI-4 SL/Plus which is made with API Group 3 base oils and the latest advanced Chevron technology. It meets strongest Scania LDF 2 or Mercedes MB 228.5 specification etc…

Our recommendation for petrol engine is Petsar HP SAE 15W40 API SL/ CF or better Petsar Syn SAE 5W40 API SN/SL (full synthetic oil)