The moving parts i.e. diesel engine, transmission (gear), hydraulic system, the oil immersed brakes and the power steering. Each of this unit has its specific requirement. The wheel bearing and other grease lubricated parts need grease.



Most tractors are propelled by a diesel engine and the lubricant required is a good quality diesel engine oil of API CG-4, CH-4 or CI-4. Lower quality diesel engine oils such as API CD quality will require more frequent oil change. NEVER USE OIL MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIAL. Always confirm from the supplier the oil is made from virgin base oil.



The transmission or gear box requires an oil with adequate extreme pressure (EP) properties. The oil must be API GL-4 and of the correct viscosity.

Tractor transmission requires low viscosity oils than that used on trucks. In many cases the transmission oil system and the hydraulic oil system share the same oil sump. The oil should therefore be heavy enough to protect the transmission but light enough to transmit power in the hydraulic system.



The hydraulic oil transmits power and therefore the oil used must be light enough to transmit power. The oil viscosity should be able to operate over a wide range of temperature and is therefore preferably a multigrade. It should have adequate antiwear properties to protect the pump bearings and meet the requirement of many pump manufacturers.



On a tractor, the brakes are normally immersed in an oil. The oil used should have anti-squawk properties so that when brakes are applied the brake system does not produce sharp irritating sound and cause rapid wear.

There are brake systems on some tractors such as New Holland that requires a mineral oil type hydraulic fluid. This is a special hydraulic fluid that the agent should advise you how to get it. We do not have this oil in our range.



Like the power steering of motor vehicles, the tractor power steering requires an automatic transmission fluid.



From the above you can see that a tractor requires 5 types of oils for lubrication. This would cause major issues of misapplication where say a hydraulic oil is put in an engine or an engine oil is put in the transmission.

Technology has advanced such that a product referred to as Super Tractor Oil has been developed and will lubricate the engine, transmission, hydraulic and wet brake system. If you have few tractors this oil is ideal especially so it can be used in other applications such as the generator and other diesel engines on the farm. It can be used for petrol engines but its quality in engine application is low (API SF).  It can also be used in the lubrication of gearboxes of vehicles but should not be used in differentials as they require an API GL-5 oil.

Our product, Delstar Super Tractor Oil 20W40 is the best oil for this application.

In case the tractor manufacturer recommends a higher quality engine oil such as API CI-4, API CI-4 Plus or API CJ-4 then you will select the diesel engine oil from our range:

  • API CI-4/SL – Delstar XP 15W40
  • API CI4 Plus/SL – Delstar Syn 10W40

These oils will give your engine a much longer drain interval and better engine protection than Delstar Super Tractor Oil.

After selecting the engine oil then you need oil to cover the transmission, hydraulic and wet brake systems. In this case you require a universal tractor hydraulic and transmission oil.

Our product is Delstar Tractor Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid.



During the farming season, your tractor can work for up to 24 hours. If the quality of the grease is not able to withstand the high temperatures generated due to extended operations, the grease melts out of the bearing and if it is not noticed in time the bearing fails resulting in costly repair and loss of time.

Another aspect of grease that must be considered is the resistance to water wash out. A grease that is easily washed out of the bearing by water is not good to use during the rainy season.

Delstar Lithium Complex Grease EP 3 is the ideal grease for your tractor. In case you require a general nipple grease for other tractor parts then use our Slusol Multi EP2 Grease.



Like in the radiator of motor vehicles, it is bad habit to use pure water in the radiator. As we said earlier, this causes rusting which reduces the efficiency of the system to cool. Rust is deposited on the thermostat thus inhibiting it to control temperature. The result is leaking and overheating of the radiator which can cause the cracking of the cylinder head and engine knock.

Always use engine coolant and our recommendation is Delstar Long Life Coolant (RTU) 

PLEASE DO NOT TOP UP WITH WATER. Always top up with Delstar Long Life Coolant (RTU)