Our Products

We have a very wide product range including:-

  • Automotive lubricants including synthetic engine oils, Synthetic Brake fluids, Synthetic automotive transmission fluid meeting major Japanese specifications such as Toyota IV, Nissan Matic Fluid C,D,J, Mitsubishi SP-II and SP-III etc…. We also have Long Life engine Coolants, heavy duty Gear and differential oils for long haul European trucks and our very famous heavy duty high temperature blue complex grease.
  • We have agricultural lubricants such as Delstar Super Tractor Oil, Delstar Tractor Transmission and Hydraulic Fluid etc…
  • For the construction industry, apart from the above products, we also have fluids that meet Caterpillar TO4 or Komatsu KES 07.868.1. We have Moly 3 and Moly 5 complex greases. We stock special nut release, antiseize copper and zinc compounds and also rock drill oils.
  • For industrial applications we have the modern EP Industrial gear oils, giving micropitting protection meeting Flanders specifications 22/01/96, hydraulic oils, transformer oils, compressor oils, soluble cutting oils, food grade greases, calcium sulphonate complex grease and mill brass bearing lubricants ISO VG 1000 and 2200.