Who We Are

Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited

Synergy Lubricant Solutions Limited was founded in 2011 with aim of providing solutions to  lubricant users that reduce maintenance and lubrication costs. Over the years Slusol has emerged as a major supplier to various industries including transport, steel, sugar, food manufacture, construction, cement and tourist industries.

Our lubricants are blended from very high quality base oils sourced from among the largest base oil suppliers in the world. Our additives are supplied by the leading additive companies in the world whose additive packages are approved by major equipment suppliers. The lubricants are blended in an ISO 9000 certified blending plant in Mombasa.

We import finished products which cannot be manufactured in Kenya. These products are sourced from world class manufacturers from Europe and Asia.

We have entered into an agreement with Libya Oil to blend our products based on our formulations and packaged in our brand names.  We provide them with virgin base oils which we procure jointly with other local multinationals from Shell International and other European multinational base oil suppliers. Our additive technology is supplied mainly by Chevron (France) and Afton (Belgium) amongst other leading European additive suppliers. They provide approved, tested and OEM qualified formulations which we use to make our lubricants. Chevron additive technology is well known for their diesel engine oils and we currently use them to manufacture our high quality diesel lubricants. All our finished products that are formulated and locally blended or directly procured from recognized lubricant suppliers are packed and marketed under our Brand names which are duly registered in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Egypt and South Africa.

We have warehouses in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. Our Mombasa depot handles all our additives and finished products. Our depot in Nairobi along Mombasa Road handles distribution for Nairobi and upcountry. The Kisumu warehouse set up in 2012 distributes in and around the Lake region. We also have agents and stockists in Kitale, Narok, Nakuru, Meru, Nyeri, Nanyuki, Machakos and Kitui. At any given point in time, we hold substantial stocks of base oils and additives to last us upto four to six months.